Bangla Film song ‘Ami Nishho hoye jabo’

ami-nisho-hoye-jaboThe Bangla movie Prem Kahini released during Eid-ul-Adah 2013, teens singing the song “Ami Nishho hoye jabo” immediately after watching the film in Cinema Halls at Bashudhara Shopping Center, Jamuna Future park or Modhumita Hall.

Song Title: Ami Nissho Hoye Jabo
Film Name: PurnoDoirgho Prem Kahini

Director: Shafi Uddin Shafi

Lyrics: Kabir Bakul

Music Director: Shouquat Ali Imon

Choreography: Jafreen Sadia

Cast : Shakib Khan, Joya Ahsan, Arfin Shuvo, Lamia Mimo, Razzak, Anwara, Diti, Shubroto, Shazu Khadem & others

Genre: Romantic

Story & Screenplay: Rumman Rashid Khan

Production House: Friends Movies InternationalCountry: Bangladeshi

Language: Bangla

Woman Design Mehendi

Creative mehendi design by woman during Eid Celebration in Bangladesh.

Do not make a fun!

Making fun really is not so easy. Sometime it happened by the situation or object around us, sometime we try to make a fun with other. Consequences of extra ordinary fun  would be the value of a life or any difficult situation that you never thought. Suppose you think to make a fun with your wife, but your wife never knows what will be going with her within few seconds. She is thinking what she is doing. She doesn’t know about your plan.  If suddenly you make as like as the video.  Just think…What will be happened…

Baby Kissing Woman

What is meaning of kiss to the innocent baby? Yes, may be its a great meaning to you in case of you.

Kiss has different meaning in different situation. A kiss can express  excitement of love, passion, affection, honor, greeting, true friendship, peace and good luck, and more. Sometime kiss is a ritual, formal or symbolic gesture indicating devotion, respect, or sacrament.

Eid Ul Fitr Celebration


Eid-ul-Fitr is one of the most gracious Festival  for the Muslim world like Bangladesh. After fasting for a whole month of Ramadan people of all corners break their fasting mode in the morning Eid day by taking sweet foods. People Wearing new dresses, performing prayer “Eid-ul-fitr Salah”, embracing each other, inviting relatives and friends, visit relatives house and enjoy lot of fun with family.


Munni Saha

Journalist Munni Saha is working as  Head of News, ATN News. Her Birth day is  2nd October,  1969. Born in Munshiganj District of Bangladesh. Munni Saha Completed her M.A. (Master of Arts) on Mass Communication and Journalism from Dhaka University in 1994.

Started her media carrier in the year May 1991 with national newspaper Daily Ajker Kagoj as a Sub Editor, International Desk.

Woman helps aged person

Usually every one busy to go office. Most of the cars and motorcycles running on the high way without caring others. May be none of them see to the aged people for helping as he is standing to cross the road. But an woman stopped ridding her motorcycle on the middle of the road along with her school going daughter. She Helped the aged person to cross this busy road. Really we should salute here for her dedication.

Doctor Jamai

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Railway Services

Railway is the name of a transport in world. We can easily travel with Railway. Bangladesh has a railway service which name is Bangladesh railway service. Bangladesh railway service is a popular transportation system in the country. There are some railway roots in the country. There are some digital railway services are available in the world. Read more

Museums in Bangladesh

Museums are the place in where all kinds of chronological elements are located and displayed for the common people. There are lots of historical elements which are collected from different historical places and stored in the museums.

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